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3.2.9 is out!

wowjudo a posted 22 hours ago
Hello trainers!

Progress: All servers are being updated to 3.2.9 now!

3.2.9 has been released and brought along few awesome things.

New Pokemons:
  • - Chatot
  • - Swablu
  • - Altaria

And many many tweaks + Bugfixes

We are testing everything out in the Test server and once its ready we will update all servers + Technic and give you instructions on how to update it

Liza170 I love the new pokemons! They all look so cute! But when im going to /warp hunt its lagging so bad and i have to leave h ...
distinezzo its does say all servers.....
BananzBig @ Pixelmon RolePlay
Will these pokemon be added on kanto? ...

Pixel1 crash

wowjudo a posted Sat at 13:04
hello guys

as you experienced in Pixel1, it's crashing alot!

we discovered a mod error in this bug and are working on a fix. Very sorry for the crashes.

just wanted to let you know what's going on currently. Some features might get disabled due the crashes to keep the server stable.

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