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Pixel Shop

[VIP] Tylerh2005 a posted 7 hours ago
Effective Friday Oct-24 the online shop will have a few changes.

* You must be logged in at the time of purchase to receive your Pokemon orders.

* You will only receive the pixelmon on the server your currently logged into.
    - i.e. 1 pokemon per order not one on all servers.

These changes are because of the Pixelmon Cloud update; and how it originally should be.

If you decide you no longer want to play on the server your pokemon are purchased on you can always use the Pixelmon Cloud to move your pokemon to the server you wish to play on.

Also if you wish to take advantage of receiving a pixelmon on all servers before the changes are made your welcome to do so.

Pokecloud Beta Test

[VIP] Tylerh2005 a posted Mon at 13:24
PokeCloud is finally finished!

* Please login to the test server and help use test it out before it goes live!


Pokecloud allows you to move pokemon from one server to another server.

/pokecloud (server) (slot)
(server)= 1 or 2  (slot)= your pokebar 1-6
To get between the 2 test servers use:
/server server1 or /server server2

Please report any bugs or issues in the comment section below! Screenshots also help!

[VIP] CaTWithTheGaT Ive tested it works are you just going to do server 1 and 2 or all the servers in the future ??
Lionsong Just tested it it works fine. I have screen shot if needed
stormwarrior5 It's eating my shines ...
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