Beta Release!

[Staff] wowjudo ADMRCP-DONOR posted Jun 16, 16

RC Vanilla Beta release! YAY!

MC 1.9.4


It has been a long time in the making, but today we are finally ready. What am I talking about? Rc Vanilla of course!

After months of hard work we are are now opening vanilla to you, the RC-Gamers community for beta testing. Being a beta you can expect some small bugs, most have been fixed but be patient if we have some more fixing to do until everything runs smooth. If you find bugs please report them on the forums section under vanilla beta bugs.

On vanilla we offer a variety of game modes, main servers being OP Prison, Factions and Skyblock. There are also a selection of minigames you can play with friends such as Skywars, Bridges and Fire master with many more on their way!

Here is a little bit of information on each game mode and how they all work:

OP Prison is where you work as a prisoner mining, gaining money to then become the top of the food chain in the prison world. Later features will be added along the lines of plots and a black market so you can put all of your items to use that you have obtained over your journey to the highest rank.

Factions is more of a team based game mode, you play with your friends and close allies to become the best team in the game, having the best gear and most protected base. Factions is meant for a slightly more mature player base with it being more hostile so you have been warned!

Skyblock! You can either run solo or with friends. In this mode you strive to have the best island in the server, upgrading it and outdoing others!

KitPvP! Unleash hell in our custom battlefield with custom enchants and exciting kits. Will you be the top Slayer ?

Skywars is basically a free for all on floating islands, your goal is to reach the middle island and eliminate all other players though watch out for players that might be a team!

Bridges is a team based minigame, 4 teams of 4 have 10 minutes to prepare for battle against the other teams. Once the counter reaches 0 all the bridges will be built and you can then PvP the other teams, last person standings whole team receives a win.

Fire master is an interesting game mode, in it you compete against all other players to wipe them off the map or kill them. You must know when to strike and the right time to use your abilities!  

Space Wars! Custom minigame inspired by Star Wars Battlefront with custom made texturepack and selfmade Battle System and weapons. Coming soon...

Finally I look forward to growing the vanilla community and seeing all of you in-game and hopefully having fun on this long awaited project.



- Vanilla Admin FadeAwayRC

[Staff] FadeAwayRC ADMRC In the future we have plans to possibly add a survival server but this will be after vanilla is fully stable.
LexMitali Are you planning on adding survival to Vanilla?
fredric4life C-DONORC-DONOR saooo,,,,, when is donor ranks coming ? the op prison seems good.