Welcome to the new Player Shops!

As many of you know, player shops have been a long awaited return to Rc-Gamers! The wait is over!

While previous users may remember how Player Shops were, those Chestshops are a thing of the past. This post will contain both what player shops are, as well as how to take full advantage of the new Player Shops!

The Player Shops are easy to use, and a great way to make money! In short, Player Shops offer a way in which a player can buy, sell, and trade items without any extra effort needed!

For all you buyers out there, we do have a couple things to tell you!!! Pay attention, even if you're not going to set up a shop sign, this is something everyone needs to know!!!!!

So, whenever you're roaming your local bazaar, the signs aren't the best indicator of what's being sold. The best way to know for sure what's being sold and for what price is Left Clicking the sign in question. You will be told what item, how much of it, and the price.

The first thing we'll cover is how to make a classic "Buy" or "Sell" Shop. A Buy shop lets players buy items from you with a simple click, while a Sell shop allows players to sell items to you with a click!

Materials Needed for any Player Shop:
  • 1 Redstone Dust
  • 1 Chest or Trapped Chest
  • 1 Sign
  • The items you want to sell

How to Create:
  1. Place your chest down where you want to sell or buy the items.

  2. Put in the items in the EXACT QUANTITY you want to sell or buy. If you want to sell 1 Rare Candy at a time, put only 1 into the chest for the start. If you put 64 in the chest when making the sign, the shop will sell 64 candies AT ONCE for whatever price you define.

  3. Take your sign and hold shift, then right click to put it onto the chest. Alternatively, you could place the chest and the sign in completely different locations. As long as you click the chest with the redstone, then the sign, they should link.

  4. Only the First and Last line matter. On the first line of the sign, write [buy] OR [sell].On the 2nd and 3rd lines you can write whatever you want, but don't write anything misleading about your shop! For the 4th line put down the price you want to sell for, so if you wanted to sell/buy for 10k you would write 10000 on the last line.

  5. Punch (left click) the chest first and then the sign with redstone in hand! It should say the location is stored when you hit the chest properly, and the [buy] or [sell] should turn blue after clicking the sign.

  6. Your shop is now fully functional! Now you'll just want to add in more of the item you're selling! You can remove whatever item you already have in the chest if you created a [sell] Chest. (Note: All of these only work with single chests! You won't be able to use double chests!)

A new function, and the last we'll be covering, is a Trade Shop!

The trade shop is a new player shop that will allow you to trade items to players for another item!

To set up a trade shop, you will need 2 chests and the two items you want to trade one for the other, and a sign! Wherever you place your sign, all you will need on it is [Trade] on the first line, nothing on the 2-4th lines.

You can place the chests wherever you want, the only thing that will matter is the order in which they are clicked with the redstone. You can place the chests in any order or area. The sign also can be on either chest, or not on the chest at all.

Put the items you want to trade in one chest, and the items you want to receive in the other. The Quantity Still Matters! Same as with [buy] and [sell] signs, the quantity will be how much the chest registers. So, if you want to trade 1 cobblestone for 1 diorite, put 1 cobblestone in the first chest, and 1 diorite in the second.

After you've done that, left click the chest containing the item you want to trade first with your redstone, then left click the second chest with the item you want to trade for. Then after both chests are clicked and registered, left click the sign!

So with the Diorite and Cobble example, you would click on the chest with cobblestone first, and the chest with diorite second. Then players can right click the sign to trade one of their cobble for one of the Diorite in your chest! Don't forget to put more of whatever the item you're offering into the chest so it doesn't run out!