Vanilla Release

[Staff] FadeAwayRC TMC-Donor posted Mar 8, 17

RC Vanilla release! YAY!

MC 1.10.2 - 1.11.2


It has been a long time in the making, but today we are finally ready. What am I talking about? Rc Vanilla of course!

After months of hard work we are are now opening vanilla to you, the RC-Gamers community and for the first time to the minecraft community as a whole. With everything coming out please be patient as there may be some issues found that we may need to fix. If you find any of these issues you can report them on the forums are get rewarded for doing so.

On vanilla we offer a variety of game modes for everyone to play depending on what you like. The main servers being Factions, Skyblock, and Survival with more coming in the future as the community grows. 

Here is a little bit of information on each game mode and how they all work:

Factions: is more of a team based game mode, you play with your friends and close allies to become the best team in the game, having the best gear and most protected base. Factions is meant for a slightly more mature player base with it being more hostile so you have been warned!

Skyblock: You can either run solo or with friends. In this mode you strive to have the best island in the server, upgrading it and outdoing others!

Survival: This is our economy and building server, here you can play with friends and make amazing towns or structures or you can become one of the top players in the economic world!

Finally I look forward to growing the vanilla community and seeing all of you in-game and hopefully having fun on this long awaited project.



- FadeAwayRC

LeavesInMyButt That is just the IP to the pixelmon server theres no acual factions survival etc
[VIP+] tjarnold VIP+ So when is vanilla actually going to work?